Hong Kong Flute Workshop



2019 71st Music Festival

Natalie Wong - 1st prize: Secondary Junior Flute solo

Jansen Leung - 3rd prize: Secondary Junior Flute solo

St Catherine's School for Girls - 2nd prize: Secondary Descant Recorder Solo

2018 台灣亞洲盃音樂大賽

Jason Ng - 青年組第一名

張藹澄 - 兒童組第一名

2018 Taiwan Music Competition

Qian Shiqi - 3rd prize: Flute solo - senior secondary

2018 Music Festival

Jason Ng - performer at Opening Reception

Qian Shiqi - 2nd prize: Secondary Senior Flute solo

2017 Parsons Music Festival Competition

Jason Ng - Classical Music Competition – Advanced Group Champion

2017 The 69th Music Festival(Prize Winner's Concert video)

Jason Ng - Champion: Open class - Parsons Music Scholarship for Wind, Brass and Percussion Instruments

Natalie Chan - Champion: Secondary Senior Flute solo

Wyn Kon - 3rd prize: Secondary Junior Flute solo

Dorothy Yau - 2nd prize: Primary Junior Flute solo



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Joint Schools Music Competition 2014


Primary Senior (Woodwind)
Qian Shiqi - gold prize
Gaius Ip - silver prize
Ko Ching - bronze prize


Natalie Chan - Champion
Qian Shiqi - 2nd prize
Gaius Ip - 3rd prize
Ip Yan To - merit


Secondary Senior (Woodwind)
Jason Chris Law - gold prize

Diploma / Graded Exam of ABRSM / Trinity College of London


Ng Hoi Ching, Jasmine (Maryknoll Convent School Secondary Section) - at age 13

Ng Tin Long, Jason (La Salle College) - at age 14

LRSM Helen Wong

Ng Tin Long, Jason - Distinction at age 12

Ng Hoi Ching, Jasmine - Distinction at age 12
Qian Shiqi (Diocesan Girls' School) - Distinction at age 15

Katie Lui (Belilios Public School) - at age 15


Helen Wong

Man Sze Wah, Sara


Cassie Lui (Alliance Primary School Kowloon Tong) - at age 9

Natalie Chan (Diocesan Girl's Junior School) - at age 10
Eugene Lam (Wah Yan College, Kowloon) - at age 11
Katie Lui - at age 11
Jason Law (German Swiss International School) - at age 11
Natalie Wong (Heep Yunn School) - Distinction at age 13
Charlotte Ho (Maryknoll Convent School Secondary Section) - at age 15
Mellissa Kwok
Yam Bok Yin

Grade 8

Ng Hoi Ching, Jasmine - Distinction at age 8
Ng Tin Long, Jason - Merit at age 8

Ko Ching, Ariel (Marymount Primary School) - Distinction at age 10
Wyn Kon(Marymount Primary School) - Distinction at age 11
Matthew Poon (La Salle College) - Distinction at age 12
Matthew Sze Tu (St Joseph's Primary School) - at age 10
Natalie Chan - at age 8
Cassie Lui - Merit at age 9
Jason Law - Distinction at age 11
Katie Lui - Merit at age 11

We are flute specialists from Hong Kong

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Flute Music Education
We strive for the betterment in music education. Our mission is to develop music learners with the compassion for music. We do not only focus on teaching the instrument but also on appreciation of music. We stress to inspire our students with ample musical language -- the styles of different composers and the relevant musical expressions.
The awards and achievements of our students foster our belief.

Instrument We Care
The instrument itself is an important tool for flute players to communicate with the audience. Hence, we aim to provide quality care for your instrument.
In our experience, quality instruments and flute accessories may serve this purpose.
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