About Us

The Biography of Syrinx

We, Syrinx members, aim at promoting this special combination of instruments to the public with “its” unique sound and “its” specially arranged repertoire. Through public performances, we hope to reinforce people's music appreciation ability as well as strengthen our members’ competence in flute playing.

Syrinx was established in the winter of 2002 by a group of flute enthusiasts who possessed a sound standard of performance in the public.. In 2002, some of our members participated in the Christmas carolling in the Pacific Place.

The highlight of Syrinx's performance is our participation in the fund-raising activity organized by the Zonta Club of Kowloon in the Government House in October 2003. Syrinx is rated highly in all the above performances and we are glad that we are successful in offering a wide genre to the public for enjoyment.

Our everlasting effort in promoting music and our “unique sound” is recognized by TVB and we were invited to a cultural programme 文化新領域 in December 2004. In the same year, the Christmas performances in Festival Walk (videotaped by Cable TV 有線電視新聞台 and Taikooshing Cityplaza gave us invaluable experiences and confidence for our repertoire was widely accepted by the majority of the public.


近年來學習長笛的人數逐漸增加,大眾對於長笛的認識似是加深了不少。 長笛不但是一件獨奏樂器,在管樂團及管弦樂團裏,更是一件絕佳的合奏樂器。一般長笛學員所接觸到的音樂,不外乎課堂內使用的練習曲、皇家音樂學院考試曲目,或是樂隊的音樂。單靠練習這些樂曲不但沉悶乏味,降低學員對音樂的興趣,更有可能影響學員學習進度及技巧。為了提高自己的演奏水準,學員應該多參與一些較高素質的樂團,除了加強指法運用技巧外,高度的合作性更能有助訓練拍子、節奏、音準及音色。 一般大眾,甚至學習長笛的學員,對於長笛合奏團 ( Flute Choir ) 認識不深。其實香港以外地區有不少出色的長笛合奏團,可惜本地缺乏一些正式及有水準的長笛合奏隊。有見及此,斯穎長笛合奏團的成立,就是為了給大眾有機會多認識有關長笛合奏的音樂,學員亦能從而提高自己的音樂水準。 斯穎長笛合奏團成立於年。本樂團演奏之樂曲風格包羅萬有,由巴洛克至爵士樂,更有現代作曲家為本團專誠創作。